Alaska Foreign Business Registration Requirements

by Heather Frances J.D. Google
You can file many required forms online.

You can file many required forms online.

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When it comes to business registration, Alaska considers those that aren't based in the state as “foreign,” even if they're located in another U.S. state. Since out-of-state companies generally are required to register in the state of Alaska before operating within its boundaries, you’ll likely have to register if your business is based in another state.

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Registration Information

You can fulfill Alaska's business registration requirements by downloading and filling out forms and applications available on the state's Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing website. The website also provides information about filing fees and about which business transactions trigger the registration requirement. For example, Alaska law doesn't require registration for activities such as maintaining bank accounts, holding meetings or filing a lawsuit in the state. Activities like opening a store or hiring employees would likely require registration.

Certificate of Authority

Each business structure has its own registration requirements, and out-of-state corporations must apply for a Certificate of Authority. You can submit your application online or by mail. Applications must include the business’s name, which must comply with Alaska’s legal requirements. You also must include the physical address of a registered agent in Alaska, typically the person to whom the state can send official notices and who can be served with legal paperwork should your corporation be sued. The application also must include information about the number of authorized shares, number of issued shares and the names and mailing addresses of your corporation’s directors and officers.

Certificate of Registration

Registration requirements for a limited liability company are similar to the requirements for a corporation. You must apply for a Certificate of Registration. Your LLC’s name must contain the words “limited liability company” or an appropriate abbreviation, and you must include your LLC’s legal name on your application. Like an application for a Certificate of Authority, you must include information about your business in its home state -- such as the date you incorporated your business -- the name and address of your registered agent in Alaska and the names and addresses of your members or manager.

Name Registration

Your business may not be able to use its legal name when operating in Alaska if its name is the same as a business already registered in the state. This doesn't mean you can't conduct business there; you can register an assumed name for your business, although assumed names can create additional costs and hassle. You may wish to reserve your corporate business name with the state even if you aren't yet ready to conduct business there. To reserve a name, you must file a Foreign Corporate Name Registration form, which must include a certificate of good standing from your corporation's home state or U.S. territory.