How to Approach Elders to Write a Will

by David Ingram Google
Creating a will can protect your family's interests after your passing.

Creating a will can protect your family's interests after your passing.

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Writing a will is a fairly straightforward process, but bringing oneself to write a will can be emotionally challenging for people in their elder years. Because of people's natural tendency to procrastinate on this important issue, sons and daughters often find themselves with the responsibility of approaching their elders to write a will. Having a plan to calmly explain the importance of writing a will can help to make the conversation easier on everyone.

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Step 1

Explain the importance of writing a will. Tell your loved one that the purpose of a will is to ensure that their property is distributed according to their wishes after their passing or in case they become unable to manage their own affairs. Explain that a will can help to put their mind at ease regarding how their debts and obligations will be met and how property with sentimental value is distributed among family members.

Step 2

Discuss the probate process. Explain that a state court has the right to take title to and sell property after a person's passing to pay off creditors and meet other financial obligations. Creating a will can help to keep property with sentimental value out of the hands of probate courts, as long as all debts can be met.

Step 3

Explain the options available for making a will. The most expensive option for writing a will is to consult with an attorney. Although attorney's fees may dwarf the cost of other options, consulting a professional is the most likely way to ensure that all your elder's property and expenses are fully accounted for. Explain that your loved one can also take advantage of do-it-yourself will writing services online. Templates can be found online to help guide people through the process of writing the will.

Step 4

Offer to help with each step of the process to take the burden off of your loved one. Remember that while the process of writing a will is technically simple, the range of feelings that the process can evoke can make the process much more difficult. Having family by their side, helping them along the way, can make the process easier for your elders.