Can You Amend a Schedule J in a Chapter 13?

by Anna Assad

Debtors create a monthly repayment plan with creditors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The plan's length is either three or five years, depending on your financial circumstances. When you experience a change in your expenses that affects your ability to make the payments, you can file an amended Schedule J to modify your plan.

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Schedule J

You list all your expenses on your Schedule J. The expenses include your mortgage or rent payment, utilities, home repairs and maintenance, clothing, food, medical and dental care, insurance, and just about any other living cost you may have. You'll also make the official statement of your net income, after you deduct your expenses, on this form. You can file a modified Schedule J to reflect new expense information. The court uses the modified Schedule J data to alter your repayment plan or convert your case to a Chapter 7, or no-asset, filing.