Can You File for Divorce Pro Se in Minnesota?

by Wayne Thomas
You may represent yourself in a divorce in Minnesota.

You may represent yourself in a divorce in Minnesota.

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Divorces can be expensive. In addition to filing fees and other courts costs, legal expenses can be significant for those who choose to hire a lawyer. However, in Minnesota, as in other states, while having an attorney represent you can reduce much of the confusion in divorce, legal assistance is never required.

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Minnesota law allows you to obtain a "pro se" divorce, which simply means that you are not represented by counsel. For your convenience, the website provides the appropriate fill-in-the-blank forms for every stage of the divorce process along with instructions. You can also find the forms at your local district court. Keep in mind that the court is not allowed to provide you with legal advice. In addition, judges expect that you know and understand all the applicable rules and procedures, which can get very technical depending on the specifics of your divorce.