Who Collects Child Support Payments in New Jersey?

by Beverly Bird

Whenever the court system gets involved with a matter, there's usually a hierarchy of authority that can become confusing, particularly when you're concerned about obeying a court order. New Jersey is no exception when it comes to collecting and disbursing child support. The ultimate authority regarding where you should send your payments is your divorce judgment, but if you find that it's unclear when you receive it, some general rules apply.

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The Family Support Payment Center

The New Jersey Family Support Payment Center oversees child support orders in the state. All money received from noncustodial parents passes through the NJFSPC before being disbursed to custodial parents. Effective with legislation passed in 1990, most noncustodial parents pay support through income withholding, so the NJFSPC usually receives the money directly from their employers after it's deducted from their paychecks.

The Probation Division

The court may exempt you from paying support through income withholding, which may occur if you're self-employed. If so, you'll pay through the Probation Division office in your county. Your check should still be made out to the NJFSPC, because Probation then turns the money over to the state center. In rare cases, you may be able to make your payment directly to your soon-to-be ex, but this requires special approval from the court, as well as her consent.

Online Payments

The NJFSPC is set up to accept online payments if you're not paying support through income withholding. ExpertPay allows you to make payments from your bank account, and Pay.njfspc.com accepts credit card payments.