How to Get a Copy of a Probated Will

by Anna Assad
Locate the court where the probate occured.

Locate the court where the probate occured.

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A copy of a probated will is useful for a variety of reasons, including family tree research, property title research, and preparing for a legal challenge to the original probate proceedings. Once a will has been through probate -- the legal proceeding to settle the estate -- the will is considered public record. You can get a copy of a probated will by visiting the court where probate occurred.

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Step 1

Locate the probate or surrogate court that handled the probate proceedings. Check the state judicial system's official website for a list of addresses of the probate and surrogate courts.

Step 2

Tell the court clerk you need a copy of a probated will. Give the clerk the legal name of the deceased person and the date of death. If you don't know the exact date, give the clerk the year.

Step 3

Pay the copy fee. Probate and surrogate courts typically charge a fee for will copies. Check the will copy before leaving to make sure you have all the pages.