How to Copyright My Pictures & Music in One Work

by Louis Kroeck Google
There are many ways to copyright pictures and music in one work.

There are many ways to copyright pictures and music in one work.

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It is not difficult to copyright your pictures and music as one work, but you will need to take some time to consider how you intend to classify your work. The copyright application contains a portion where your work must be described, so you should give classification some consideration. How you decide to classify your work will depend on the format in which your pictures and music reside.The coupling of pictures and music could be considered a video, a multimedia work, a visual work or even a website. Keep in mind that you will be required to submit a copy of your work to the United States Copyright Office.

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Step 1

Obtain a copyright application from the United States Copyright Office or sign up for the Copyright Office's ECO online application process. The online application process is more beneficial, as the filing fee is lower, and you will be provided the opportunity to upload your work rather than mail it.

Step 2

Complete your copyright application by providing the Copyright Office with your background information, the title of your work, a description of your work, the authors, the dates of creation and publication and a statement as to any previous attempts to copyright the work or any preexisting material within your work. You may not register any material that you have registered previously, and you may not attempt to copyright any music or photos that are the property of third parties. If you have any such material in your pictures and music you will need to disclaim that portion of the work when you apply for copyright registration.

Step 3

Provide the Copyright Office with a specimen of your music and pictures. If you used the online application, you may upload your work directly to the Copyright Office, but if you used a paper application, you will need to mail your work to the Copyright Office.

Step 4

Pay the applicable filing fee to the Copyright Office, which will differ depending on whether you filed online or by mail.