How to Get a DBA in Utah

by Michael Keenan
Utah law requires sole proprietors to register DBAs.

Utah law requires sole proprietors to register DBAs.

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A DBA, short for "doing business as," is a trade name you use for your business when you don't want to use your given name. For example, if you want your bakery to be known as "Sweeter than Sugar," you are operating under a DBA. In Utah, DBAs apply to sole proprietorships and general partnerships. The DBA must be registered with the Utah Division of Corporations, and the registration is valid for three years. The DBA then expires unless it is renewed.

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Step 1

Browse to the Utah Division of Corporations website (link in Resources). If you already have a Utah tax identification number, you can register your DBA online through the state website. To do so, click "Register a New DBA" under "Online Services." If you do need a tax ID number or you don't wish to register online, download the Utah Business Name Registration / DBA form by clicking "DBA Application" under "Forms" on the right side of the page.

Step 2

Enter the information requested on the form. You will need the name of the business, the name and address of the applicant, the company's location and the business purpose of the company. Sole proprietorships and partnerships aren't usually required to have a registered agent, but if the business operates under a DBA, it must have a registered agent. If you are a Utah resident and the business has a Utah address, you can serve as the registered agent.

Step 3

Submit your application with the current registration fee. Online filers can pay the fee using a credit card or a subscriber account. If you file a paper application, you also may pay by cash, check or money order made payable to “State of Utah.”