Do You Have to Disclose a Previous Divorce During a Divorce?

by Marilyn Lindblad
On their wedding day, no couple expects to get divorced.

On their wedding day, no couple expects to get divorced.

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In the excitement and romance surrounding a wedding, some couples lose sight of the fact that a wedding is a contract that changes the legal status of two people. It takes a legal act to dissolve that contract. Because of these legalities, state governments keep track of the marriages and divorces that take place within their borders.

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Disclosure of Previous Marriages

State governments record the births, deaths, marriages and divorces of their residents. If you need proof of one of these events, you can get a copy of the official certificate from your state's vital records agency. When you get divorced, you fill out a form that documents the dissolution of your marriage. On that form, you must disclose information about previous marriages, including whether you or your spouse have a previous marriage, date each person's last marriage ended and reason marriage ended: by death, annulment or divorce.