How to Get Divorce Copies From Oregon

by Elizabeth Stock
You can request a copy of a divorce certificate by mail in Oregon.

You can request a copy of a divorce certificate by mail in Oregon.

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It may be necessary to obtain a copy of your divorce paperwork for several reasons; you might need it to remarry or apply for a mortgage. There are two ways to obtain divorce paperwork in Oregon. The Oregon State Vital Records Office can provide a summary document called a divorce certificate or you can request a copy of the divorce decree from the county court that handled the divorce. A decree of divorce is the document containing the court's formal order finalizing your divorce and other issues involved in your divorce, such as custody and support.

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Step 1

Determine whether you are eligible to receive a copy of the divorce certificate. In Oregon, divorce records are not public information and can only be requested by eligible individuals. For example, apart from one of the two individuals named in the paperwork, family members and individuals that have a personal or property right may request a copy of a divorce record. In addition, when you request the record, you must state your reason for requesting the record or how you are related to the individual named in the record.

Step 2

Complete the application requesting a copy of the divorce certificate with the Oregon State Vital Records Office. You will need to provide the office with basic information about the divorce so that a search can be completed to find the record. For example, the application will ask you to list the full name of one of the people listed on the divorce decree. In addition, including the time period of the divorce will make the search easier to complete. If possible, list the county that granted the divorce. Provide your contact information on the application, like your mailing address and phone number, so the Vital Records Office can contact you if there is a problem with your request.

Step 3

Submit your application and pay the fee to search state records. Applications can be submitted in person, online, over the phone and by mail. The fee and turnaround time varies depending on how you submit the application. For example, the Vital Records Office charges $20 for a mail order and $36.50 for an Internet order. Once your order is processed, the Vital Records Office cannot refund the fee.

Step 4

Contact the county court clerk's office to request a copy of the divorce decree. The divorce decree is the actual court order and contains more information than may be found on the divorce certificate. However, you must know the county court that handled the divorce to request a copy of the decree. Each county may have a different method for handling divorce decree requests, so it is best to contact the court directly to determine its procedure.