Easy Way to Create a Will

by April Kohl
Using a template is the easy way to create a will.

Using a template is the easy way to create a will.

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Will templates that you can download and modify to suit your needs are readily available online. Some websites allow you to create your will online by answering some standard questions and provide you with files that you can print out and get notarized. Although template wills are by no means perfect for every situation, they do provide an easy way to create a will.

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Template Wills

A template will is a basic document where the majority of the structure of the will has been written for you. All you need do is fill in your details as indicated by the instructions. The general nature of these documents is that they will not suit everyone's needs and cannot account for individual or special circumstances.


It is far easier to create a will when you already know who is to receive what. It is, therefore, usually a good idea to write out a list of all the assets you want distributed after your death and the people to whom you want them to go. This will allow you create your will the easy way by simply entering the assets and their recipients in a template will, or by handing the list to your attorney.

Dating Your Will

Because templates can make it so easy to create a will, it is also very easy to update one. Dating your will each time you make a new one can prevent confusion over which is your “last will and testament.” You may also find it worthwhile to include a line stating that you “revoke any previous wills and codicils,” just to make sure your last will is the only one that counts.


Although templates are an easy way to create a will, they are not perfect. A pre-written document in which you fill in the gaps, will not be able to take into account all your personal circumstances. This can lead to problems only an attorney can remedy such as questions over how to pass on ownership to a third party in a co-tenant situation. If in doubt, consulting a lawyer can be a good idea.