How to File an LLC in Michigan

by Salvatore Jackson
Starting a Michigan LLC is easy.

Starting a Michigan LLC is easy.

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A limited liability company, or LLC, is a type of business organization that combines the best aspects of a corporation and a partnership. An LLC combines the limited liability protections of a corporation with the less voluminous filing requirements and pass-through taxation of a partnership. Starting a Michigan LLC requires filing a document, called an Articles of Organization, with the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG).

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Step 1

Choose a name for your Michigan LLC. Michigan law requires that the name of your Michigan LLC contain one of the following phrases or abbreviations: “limited liability company,” “L.L.C.” or “LLC.” Additionally, the DELEG publishes a list of terms that may not be used or require permission from a government agency to be used in the name of your LLC. The DELEG maintains an online database of business names registered and reserved in Michigan, which you can use to come up with a unique name for your business.

Step 2

Choose a registered agent for your Michigan LLC. Michigan law requires all LLCs to maintain a registered agent. A registered agent is the person or business that, if your company is sued or subpoenaed, will receive service of process. If you are a Michigan resident, you may serve as your company’s registered agent. If you are not a Michigan resident, or do not want your name and home address associated with your company in a public filing, you may hire a registered agent service, which is a business that will receive service of process on behalf of your company.

Step 3

Download a copy of the Michigan Articles of Organization form. Individuals creating an LLC in Michigan may file by mail or in person.

Step 4

Fill out your Articles of Organization. Provide your name and address. In Article I, provide the name of your LLC. You may leave Article II blank, unless you wish to limit the types of business your company will engage in. You may leave Article III blank unless you wish to provide a date of dissolution for your company. In Article IV, provide the name and street address of your registered office. If your company will be managed (day-to-day business operations) by managers (persons without an ownership stake in the company) instead of members (persons with an ownership stake), you must indicate this in Article V. Sign and date the Articles of Organization.

Step 5

File your Articles of Organization. As of 2010, the filing fee is $50. If filing by mail, you must pay by check or money order made payable to the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. Its mailing address is Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Commercial Services, Corporation Division, P.O. Box 30054, Lansing, MI 48909. If filing in person, you may pay by check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. The physical address is 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos MI.