Filing Fee for an LLC in Oklahoma

by Anna Assad

A limited liability company (LLC) in Oklahoma must file articles of organization in the secretary of state's office upon formation. The initial filing fee for an LLC in Oklahoma for the articles of organization is $100 as of 2010, but other important documents the LLC may need to file require the payment of additional fees.

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Certificate of Registration and Amendments

An LLC must register with the Oklahoma secretary of state. The filling fee for a registration certificate is $300 as of 2010. An LLC that needs to change the business name or address that the secretary of state has on the registration certificate must file an Amended Certificate of Registration. The fee for changing the business name and other items at the same time is $100, while designating a new mailing address only is $10.

Annual Agent Fee

An agent is the person or entity designated by the LLC to receive legal notices on behalf of the business. An LLC in Oklahoma is required to file a form showing the agent and payment to the agent every year. The fee to file the annual agent fee form is $40 as of 2010 for an LLC headquartered in Oklahoma.

Additional Articles

An LLC may need to file other articles besides the articles of organization. Articles of Amendment to alter the organization articles, Articles of Correction to fix a mistake in the initial articles and Articles of Dissolution to officially dissolve the LLC each require payment of a $50 filing fee as of 2010. Articles of Consolidation or Merger, used to combine or merge the LLC with another company, each cost $100 to file.

Foreign LLC

A foreign LLC, or an LLC headquartered in another state, must pay a filing fee of $100 to apply for withdrawal if no longer doing business in Oklahoma. A Certificate of Correction with a $100 fee must be filed if a foreign LLC needs to correct information contained in the secretary of state's file.