Does Legal Aid Help With a Divorce in Florida?

by Mark Mays
The Florida Bar Association may be able to help you find an attorney.

The Florida Bar Association may be able to help you find an attorney.

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While you don't have the constitutional right to an attorney in civil trials, such as a divorce, many states encourage attorneys to help those who cannot afford a lawyer. In Florida, several organizations work with funding from the government or donations from individuals to connect eligible low-income clients with attorneys. These lawyers may be able to assist you with your divorce free of charge or for a small fee.

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Do You Qualify for Free Legal Services?

While legal aid organizations might not charge you for services rendered, your ability to pay will determine your eligibility for free legal assistance with your divorce. In Florida, legal aid organizations make such determinations in a manner similar to state and federal departments that offer services to low-income families or individuals. According to the Florida Bar Association, some organizations may also take into consideration any property owned or number of people in your family, similar to federal guidelines for determining other benefits available to people with a low or fixed income.

Where to Find Free Legal Help for Your Divorce in Florida

Legal aid offices are located in most major cities in Florida, and you can find contact information through various resources. The Florida Bar Association provides a consumer pamphlet with locations of legal aid agencies across the state. The pamphlet is accessible online. has a listing of agencies that connect you with lawyers who may be able to help you with your divorce case, and you can search for agencies that assist with divorce or other family law issues by county or city. Florida Legal Services, Incorporated provides detailed contact information for several agencies that provide legal assistance statewide in its Legal Aid and Legal Service Program Directory.