How to Make Changes to an Annual LLC Report

by Elizabeth Rayne
Owners of an LLC, known as members, usually must vote to make changes to the annual report.

Owners of an LLC, known as members, usually must vote to make changes to the annual report.

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If you discover that there’s a mistake on your LLC’s annual report, carefully verify the accuracy of amended filings to prevent further filing fees. Not all states require LLCs to file an annual report. Of the ones that do, the information requested and the filing procedures are particular to that state. Some states may require management and ownership information, while other states also require financial information on the report. Making changes to the report depends on the laws of the state and the information it contains.

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Step 1

Review your filed annual report to determine what provisions, if any, need change. Visit the website for your state's secretary of state, or similar state agency, where your report is filed. Frequently, there’s an option to view filed annual reports online. If this option is not available, call the corporations division, or the department with which you filed your annual report, to find out how to view the filed report.

Step 2

Vote to change the report. If you are making a major change to the report, such as a change in management structure of the LLC, the members must vote to make the change. Make a record of the decision. However, if the changes are simple, such as phone number or address changes, management can typically make the change. However, you should verify who may authorize changes by reviewing your operating agreement and articles of organization.

Step 3

Determine the procedure for amending or revising the filed annual report. Visit the state website of the office that accepted the report or call the office for instructions. Some states require that you submit a complete amended annual report, while other states accept changes by email or in writing on the company's letterhead. If your LLC has a new agent or a new registered office address, some states, such as New Hampshire, require that you submit a separate form that the state provides rather than amending your annual report.

Step 4

Prepare your revised annual report on the forms provided by the state office, or prepare a written request as required. Ensure that you have the proper signatures on the amended report. Some states require all members to sign the change request.

Step 5

Submit the report, including any filing fees, to the appropriate state agency. Be sure to check off the "amended" box at the top of the form, if available, to ensure that the clerk knows you are filing an amended report and not a duplicate. Maintain a copy of the amended report for your records.