How to Make Changes to a Legal Will in Maine

by Andrine Redsteer
Minor changes to a will may be made by executing a codicil.

Minor changes to a will may be made by executing a codicil.

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If you live in Maine and you'd like to make changes to your will, you may execute a codicil. Codicils are separate documents that amend a will's provisions; they require all the same formalities as Maine requires of a will. In other words, a codicil requires testamentary capacity, your signature and the signatures of two witnesses. Generally, codicils are only suitable for minor changes. If you're making major changes, you may consider executing a new will. LegalZoom has Maine will forms available if you decide to draft a new will.

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Step 1

Fill out the codicil form. Include your name, county and state, and note that you intend the document to be a codicil to your will.

Step 2

State exactly which of your will's provisions you'd like to amend. Be as specific as possible; refer to each section number and the provision you are changing.

Step 3

Include the date of your original will, and that you intend for its provisions to remain the same, except for the provisions amended by your codicil.

Step 4

Gather two witnesses. Sign and date your codicil in front of both witnesses, then have them sign and date the codicil immediately after you.

Step 5

Keep your codicil with your will. You may wish to attach your codicil to your will to prevent it from being separated from your will or lost.