How to Make Changes to Wills in Georgia

by Andrine Redsteer
In Georgia, you can amend your will by making a codicil.

In Georgia, you can amend your will by making a codicil.

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If you live in Georgia, you may make changes to your will by executing a codicil. A codicil must comply with Georgia law regarding will formalities. In other words, a codicil requires a mentally competent "testator," or will maker, and two mentally competent witnesses to be valid in Georgia.

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Step 1

Type your codicil. Include a heading that indicates it is your codicil, such as "Codicil to the Last Will and Testament of John Doe." Type your full name, the county where you reside and the state -- Georgia. Include that you intend for the document to serve as a codicil to your current will and include the date of your current will.

Step 2

Describe with specificity which provisions you're changing. Refer to the section numbers in your will for additional clarity. If you're adding an entirely new bequest, describe what it is in detail and to whom you're leaving it.

Step 3

State that you intend for the provisions of your current will to remain the same, except for those amended by the codicil.

Step 4

Choose two witnesses. Georgia law requires your witnesses to be competent and at least 14 years old. Sign your codicil and date it in front of your witnesses; have each witness sign and date your codicil in front of you and immediately after you've signed it.

Step 5

Attach the codicil to your current will or keep it with your will. A lost codicil can create difficulty and confusion for family members and the probate court.