How Many Days Does it Take for a Divorce to Be Finalized?

by Teo Spengler
The divorce process can drag on.

The divorce process can drag on.

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Time drags when you await a divorce, yet it is not possible to mark the "D-Day" on your calendar until late in the process. The time your divorce will take to be finalized may be measured in days, months or years depending on your circumstances, including where you file and whether you resolve divorce issues out of court.

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Divorce Laws

The time your divorce will take is affected by where you file because state divorce laws differ radically. If you have moved since your separation, you may wait for months or even years to establish residency qualifying you to file in your new state's courts. Your state may also mandate a lengthy wait period before you can file a no-fault divorce. If the court docket in your jurisdiction is backed up, that can also affect the timing of divorce cases.

Litigation Vs. Agreement

The choices spouses make about how to resolve differences plays the largest role in setting a divorce time frame. Litigation is time-consuming and expensive, especially if attorneys are involved. Out-of-court settlement is always the shortest path. Consider mediation or settlement conferences to try to resolve issues amicably with your spouse. An executed marital settlement agreement significantly speeds up the divorce process.