How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Divorce After Signing the Papers?

by Teo Spengler

Estimating the days before a court approves your marital settlement agreement requires a crystal ball, not a calculator. The fact that you and your spouse have worked out issues amicably is helpful in moving the case along, but the paperwork can get backed up indefinitely if you made procedural errors or the judge finds fault with the agreement.

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Marital Settlement Agreement

Litigating divorce issues always takes more time and costs more money than resolving them amicably, so an executed marital settlement agreement puts you ahead of the game. Once you have filed the agreement and all requisite state and local forms, all you can do is wait.

Court Review

Your best bet for speedy action by the court is to check and double-check your paperwork before turning it in. The number of forms you require depends both on your jurisdiction and your personal situation. Couples with minor children will have more paperwork to fill out. Some states require final disclosure documents, and the procedure can vary depending on whether your spouse has filed a response. An error on your forms may result in their return with instructions to refile or even require you to appear in court -- either can delay your divorce.