Do I Need a Power of Attorney for Me to Leave on Vacation?

by Teo Spengler
Phones and computers function in many vacation destinations.

Phones and computers function in many vacation destinations.

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Since no two businesses or vacations are the same, only you can determine whether your business needs a substitute hands-on boss while you are at the beach. With the technology available today, many vacationing businesspeople simply check in by phone or Internet to make critical decisions. However, it is also possible to give a trusted employee authority to act in your behalf under a power of attorney.

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Power of Attorney

When you create a power of attorney, you are making a legal document that grants a named individual authority to act on your behalf. That authority can be as broad or narrow as you like, since the terms of the document control. The person named in the power of attorney has a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests and can be subject to criminal and civil charges if he does not.

Power of Attorney Forms

If you decide to use a power of attorney when you leave on vacation, take time to fill out the form carefully. You can usually get forms from your court, your attorney or a reputable online legal provider. State requirements differ, so be certain your form incorporates the legal requirements for a power of attorney in your jurisdiction. For example, some states require notarization, while others require only witness signatures.