How to Notify Florida Department of Revenue of a Company Name Change

by Michael Butler

If your company does business in the State of Florida, you need to notify the Florida Department of Revenue when you change the company's name. This ensures that the state has the proper name for tax purposes. You might have problems with your tax accounts if the state has the incorrect name. You can notify the Department of Revenue with a one-page form.

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Step 1

Go to the Florida Department of Revenue's website and download Form UCS-3, the employer account change form.

Step 2

Complete section one of the form, which contains the basic information about your account, including your company name, address, phone number, account number and federal account number.

Step 3

Enter your new company name in section five and the date on which the new name will become effective.

Step 4

Sign and date the form. Mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.