How to Order Copies of Kentucky Wills

by Anna Assad

A will is document listing the last wishes of a deceased person and instructions for the transfer of assets to heirs. Once a will has been probated – the legal proceeding used to close a deceased person's financial affairs – the document generally becomes a matter of public record. Getting a copy of a will can be useful if you believe you are an heir or are researching your family tree. You can obtain a copy of will in Kentucky by requesting a search from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives or the probate court division that handled the estate.

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Step 1

Contact the probate court division of the relevant Kentucky District Court. You may be able to get a copy of a will from the probate court that handled the proceedings. The procedures and date ranges available at the probate court vary by county. Visit the official website of the Kentucky Court of Justice to view contact information for District Courts by county (see Resources).

Step 2

Visit the official website of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives if you could not get the will from probate court. Go to the "Will/Probate Record Request" page to view a fill-in request form (see Resources).

Step 3

Complete the fill-in request form online. You must enter your name, address – postal and email – and your phone number in the first section. The second section is for information on the person the will belongs to. The following is needed: the person's full name, Kentucky county of residence at date death, race and date of death; you can estimate the date of death, if needed.

Step 4

Select the correct payment from the drop-down menu. As of December 2010, the search per person searched is $10 for Kentucky residents and $15 if you live out of state. Print the completed form. Make a check or money order for the fee payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.

Step 5

Mail the search form and the payment to Archives Research Room, KDLA, P.O. Box 537, Frankfort, KY 40602. You will receive notification of the results by mail.