How to Get The Paper Work to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

by Mary Jane Freeman Google
You can find the paperwork you need to file chapter 7 bankruptcy online.

You can find the paperwork you need to file chapter 7 bankruptcy online.

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Filing bankruptcy requires a significant amount of paperwork. This is true for all bankruptcy types, chapter 7 being no exception. You can find the documents you need to file as well as the instructions to file them online or at any district bankruptcy court.

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Bankruptcy Types

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor must give up his nonexempt assets, which the trustee then liquidates to pay his debts. Any debts that remain unpaid are discharged and no longer the debtor's responsibility. To provide a fresh financial start, chapter 7 law allows the debtor to retain some of his property by using exemptions under federal or state law. For example, as of 2013, a debtor can exempt up to $22,975 of his home's value and a vehicle worth up to $3,675 using federal exemptions. If a debtor lives in Nevada, he can protect up to $550,000 of his home's value using the state's exemptions, and a car worth up to $15,000.

Bankruptcy Paperwork

To file chapter 7, you must obtain and complete the necessary paperwork, which includes the bankruptcy petition and schedules detailing debts, assets and the exemptions you want to use. You must also submit an income statement and a completion certificate for a financial management course. While you can access the necessary paperwork online at the federal U.S. Courts website, many district bankruptcy courts offer them on their websites as well. You might also be able to obtain them in-person from your local bankruptcy court. If you need assistance filling out the forms, contact an attorney or an online legal document service.