How to Find Previous Divorce Documents in Colorado

by Jeff Franco J.D./M.A./M.B.A.

If you need to find documents from a previous Colorado divorce case, getting your hands on the court file isn’t difficult to do. However, unless the documents relate to your own divorce or a case where you served as the attorney for one of the parties, Colorado courts may restrict your access to the entire file.

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Step 1

Locate the Colorado district court where the divorce was filed. Every divorce case is heard in one of the 22 judicial districts throughout Colorado, with one district court located in each county. Since the spouse who files for divorce must do so in the county where she or her spouse lives, you can usually limit your search for the divorce file to a maximum of two courthouses.

Step 2

Obtain the case number for the divorce file. Colorado district court clerks cannot provide you access to a divorce file, regardless of whether it’s your own, without the identifying case number. If you don’t know the case number in Weld County, for example, the district court clerk will conduct a search using a name and date of birth you provide and generate a printout of all matching case numbers. It will cost you a minimum fee of $5.

Step 3

Provide the clerk of the court with the case number and at least one piece of government-issued identification. However, if the divorce isn’t your own and you aren’t the attorney for one of the parties, Colorado district court clerks will not allow you to view the separation agreement, parenting plan or financial affidavits. If the remaining documents in the file include sensitive information about either of the parties, you must pay an hourly fee of $20 for the clerk to remove all sensitive information before providing you the file.

Step 4

Make copies of divorce documents at the district court. You cannot remove the divorce file from the clerk’s office, but you can make copies of documents while you’re there. In Jefferson County, for example, the district court has copy machines that cost 25 cents per page – so be sure to bring quarters or dollar bills with you.