How to Register an LLC in Michigan

by Terry Masters
    To register an LLC in Michigan, you must file articles of organization with the Bureau of Commercial Services.

    To register an LLC in Michigan, you must file articles of organization with the Bureau of Commercial Services.

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    Michigan registers new limited liability companies (LLCs) through the Bureau of Commercial Services, which operates under the state Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. The website for the bureau provides all of the information needed to prepare LLC articles of organization in compliance with the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act, including a downloadable, fill-in-the-blank template; the current fee schedule; step-by-step filing instructions; and a web-accessible business entity database to check the availability of business names.

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    Step 1

    Go to the Bureau of Commercial Services and Corporations section of the website for the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. This website provides the instructions and resources to register a new LLC with the state by filing articles of organization.

    Step 2

    Conduct a name search to check the availability of the name you want to use for your new LLC. Michigan law requires all businesses to operate under a name that is unique and distinguishable from businesses already registered with the state. On the right sidebar menu, under "Quick Links," select the "Name Availability" link. This link will take you to a page that describes the statutory requirements for LLC business names. Select the "Name Availability" link at the top of the page and run a search for a name match or any name that is confusingly similar.

    Step 3

    Download the Michigan articles of organization template. Select the "Forms, Publications & Statutes" link on the left sidebar menu under the "Business Services" heading. Select "Limited Liability Company Forms" and scroll to the middle of the page to download "Form 700 - Articles of Organization." This fill-in-the-blank form is provided by the state as a convenience. It requests the minimum amount of information required by law to produce acceptable articles. You are not required to use this form. You or your attorney can draft your own articles and include additional provisions, as long as they comply with the requirements of the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act.

    Step 4

    Complete the articles of organization template. The document requests basic business information, including business name, the name and address of a registered agent, and the name and signature of the person filing the paperwork.

    Step 5

    File the articles with the Bureau of Commercial Services. The articles can be filed in person or by mail to the address specified in the instructions to the template. As of 2010, a $50 filing fee must accompany the articles. The state will stamp and scan the articles and return the original to you by mail. The LLC is considered formed as of the date of the stamp.

    Tips & Warnings

    • You have the option of using a commercial filing service, which for a fee will prepare and file your articles of organization and obtain any licenses or permits needed.

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