How to Search Incorporated Business Names

by John Stevens J.D.

The creation of a corporation is governed by the laws of the state where the corporation is formed, but corporations are regulated by both state and federal law. If you are interested in forming a corporation, you must first ensure the name you intend to incorporate under is not already in use. If you wish to pursue a legal claim against a corporation, you may need to discover where the corporation is headquartered. To provide an efficient way of discovering such information, states permit members of the public to search for corporate information by name.

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Step 1

Direct your internet browser to your state’s applicable regulatory body, such as the Secretary of State, Corporation Commission or Division of Corporations Office.

Step 2

Click on the “Entity Search,” “Business Search,” “Find a Corporation,” or similarly titled option.

Step 3

Enter the business name you intend to find in the search bar and select the search button to produce the search results.