How to Set Up an LLC in New Jersey

by Joe Stone

Setting up any business entity in New Jersey, including an LLC, requires filing two documents: a Business Registration Application and a Public Records Filing for New Business Entity. Both documents are filed with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. The documents are available for downloading from the Division of Revenue’s website and can be printed for filing. The documents can also be filed online using the feature on the Division of Revenue's website called the Online Business Entity Filing.

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Step 1

Download the Complete Business Registration Packet from the Division of Revenue's website, which provides all of the forms with instructions necessary to set up your LLC.

Step 2

Complete the Business Registration Application located on pages 17 to 19 of the Business Registration Packet, which basically requires you to provide information regarding the type of business activity your LLC will engage in. Line by line instructions are provided on pages 6 to 8. All businesses in New Jersey must submit this application regardless of the type of business entity that is being formed. After filing this application, you will receive documents and information from the Division of Revenue regarding tax obligations and other business liabilities in New Jersey.

Step 3

Complete the Public Records Filing for New Business Entity located on pages 23 and 24 of the Business Registration Packet. Line by line instructions are provided on pages 21 and 22. This multipurpose document is used to form all business entities in New Jersey, including LLCs. This form constitutes the certificate of formation required under the New Jersey Limited Liability Company Act for setting up an LLC. Forming an LLC requires providing the following information: name of LLC (Item 1); letter code LLC (Item 2); LLC’s business purpose (Item 3); name of registered agent for LLC (Item 8a); registered agent’s address (Item 8b); and LLC’s principal business address (Item 8c).

Step 4

Sign and date both documents and mail them to the appropriate Division of Revenue address provided in the instructions on page 22, which is P.O. Box 252, Trenton, NJ 08646-0252 for the Business Registration Application and P.O. Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646 for the Public Records Filing. A filing fee must accompany the Public Records Filing, which as of December 2010 is $125. The Business Registration Application does not require a fee.

Step 5

Log on to the Online Business Entity Filing page of the Division of Revenue's website if you prefer to file the documents online. The information and filing fee required for this method of filing are the same.