How to Start a Corporation in Kansas

by Jeff Franco J.D./M.A./M.B.A.

If you’ve chosen Kansas as the state in which to incorporate your business, you will need to comply with a number of procedures established by the Secretary of State, the agency that administers business entity formations in Kansas. Familiarizing yourself with the state's incorporation procedures will enable you to complete the required paperwork accurately and avoid mistakes that could delay your filing.

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Step 1

Choose a unique name for your corporation. The name cannot be one that is already being used by another business entity registered in Kansas, and it must not be confusingly similar to any existing business name. Verify that your name selection is available by querying the state’s online business name database (link in Resources).

Step 2

Obtain a registered agent. When you draft your articles of incorporation, Kansas requires that you list the name and address of an agent residing within the state who can be served with legal documents on behalf of the corporation. You can hire a registered agent for a fee, but if your corporation has a Kansas address, you can list the corporation as the registered agent.

Step 3

Declare the number of authorized shares. Your articles of incorporation must state the number of shares that the corporation is authorized to issue. This doesn’t obligate the corporation to actually issue the shares, but if you expect to solicit investor capital in exchange for stock, you should consider authorizing more than the minimum requirement of one share.

Step 4

File the articles with the Kansas Secretary of State. After completing and signing the articles of incorporation, you can file a paper copy, or you can prepare the articles online and file electronically. Regardless of the filing option you choose, Kansas requires the payment of a filing fee before it will recognize your corporate entity.