How to Transfer Alimony From Missouri to Texas

by Lisa S. Kramer
Texas will enforce alimony orders from other states.

Texas will enforce alimony orders from other states.

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Alimony is a court-ordered allowance that one spouse pays to the other spouse for financial support after they are divorced. It is commonly referred to as spousal support. The spouse who provides financial support is known as the obligor whereas the spouse who receives it is known as the obligee. If an obligee receiving alimony moves from Missouri to Texas, Texas will enforce her Missouri alimony order provided she follows Texas statutory guidelines for transferring an alimony order.

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Step 1

Obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree that contains your alimony order by contacting the circuit court in the county where your divorce was granted.

Step 2

Make several photocopies of your alimony order. You will need to provide one copy to the court and keep one copy for your personal records.

Step 3

Compose a sworn statement that includes the following information: amount of any arrearage (unpaid and overdue alimony payments), name of the obligor (the spouse who is paying alimony), and if known, the obligor’s address and social security number, name and address of the obligor’s employer, and description and location of any non-exempt property the obligor may have in Texas. Sign your sworn statement and have it notarized.

Step 4

Compose a letter to the Texas family court in your county of residence requesting registration and enforcement of your Missouri alimony order.

Step 5

Send your letter, sworn statement and two copies (one copy must be a certified copy) of your alimony order to the Texas family court in your county of residence.