How to Update Child Support Payments in Wisconsin

by Heather Frances J.D. Google
Wisconsin's child support agencies are designed to ensure support is appropriately collected and distributed.

Wisconsin's child support agencies are designed to ensure support is appropriately collected and distributed.

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Wisconsin’s child support program is run through the state’s Department of Children and Family Services and administered by county child support agencies. It is the goal of DCFS to assist parents in paying and collecting child support, which protects children, strengthens families and builds communities. As a payer or recipient of child support, it is important to keep your information accurate and up to date.

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Income Withholding

Wisconsin law requires all support orders to include income withholding orders, even if child support is not past due. Withholding orders require a payer’s employer to withhold the child support amount from his paycheck, but child support may also be withheld from other types of payments, such as unemployment, worker’s compensation, pension payments and Social Security disability payments. For example, if your employer was withholding child support from your paycheck and you lose your job, child support may then be withheld from your unemployment payments.

Updating Information

If you change employers or need to update any information regarding your payments, you should contact your child support agency. Address and phone number changes may be made online if you have an account with Wisconsin’s Child Support Online Services. Wisconsin requires payers to report employment changes, job loss or change in income within 10 days of the change. You must update job change information by contacting your child support agency and complying with their notification requirements.

Past Due Payments

You can use various payment methods—mail, telephone, money transfer or credit card—to make on-time and past due payments, particularly if you are self-employed or unemployed. If you choose to pay online by money transfer or credit card, these services are provided by private vendors who charge additional fees. However, you can sign up for these services and update your payment information online.

Receiving Support Payments

If you are the recipient of child support payments, Wisconsin allows you to choose whether to receive payments by direct deposit or Visa debit card. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will automatically receive payments by debit card. You may change your method of receipt or update your information by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.