How to Find the Already Filed Articles of Organization for a Current LLC

By Jennifer Williams

Articles of Organization for limited liability companies are public record and are open to anyone interested in accessing them. Articles of Organization must be filed with the state governmental entity that handles corporations -- usually a division of a state's Department of State -- for the state in which the LLC is formed and other states in which it operates. Many of these offices across the country maintain online document search functions and document access, or at least allow for online requests of hard copies.

LLC Name Search

Verify the exact name of the LLC, and its status as an ongoing business concern before searching online for, or requesting hard copies of, the Articles of Organization. Search the state government corporate name database for either the state in which the LLC operates, or the state in which it was formed. If there is no online search function, contact the customer service department of the relevant state office that handles corporations and request help in verifying the exact name of the LLC and its status as an ongoing business concern.

Online Document Search

Search for an electronic copy of the Articles of Organization using the verified name of the LLC. Use the online document search function, if one exists, for either the state in which the LLC was formed or the state in which it operates. Most states that maintain an online document repository allow the searcher to click through to an electronic copy of the document.

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Request Hard Copies

Request a hard copy of an the Articles of Organization, if no electronic copy is available, by calling the customer service department of the state office that handles corporations for the state in which the LLC was formed. Hard copy request procedures vary state to state but most states honor verbal requests made by phone. Expect to pay postage, a copy fee per page, and perhaps even a service charge for the time and labor involved in finding, copying and mailing the requested documents.

Personal Search

Visit the state corporate document repository if a copy of the Articles are unavailable online or by phone request. Visit the repository for the state in which the LLC was formed, or the state in which it operates, as the Articles are filed in both states. Search the paper, computer or microfilm LLC public records for the Articles. Expect to pay copy costs per page when making a hard copies.

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