Amending a Living Trust in California

By Anna Assad

A revocable living trust establishes a plan for trust assets that provides payment to the trust's beneficiaries. A revocable trust can be terminated by the owner while he's still living. One advantage of having a revocable living trust is your ability to change the trust's terms at any time while you're still alive and competent. In California, you can change your revocable living trust by writing an amendment that complies with state law. California's trust amendment laws are found in Sections 15400-15414 of the probate code.

Step 1

Read the trust agreement. Copy the terms you want to alter and what rules, if any, the agreement includes for amendments. Follow any directions in the agreement regarding changes.

Step 2

Prepare an amendment paper. Indicate the paper is a trust amendment at the top of the page. A common way to indicate this is by writing, "Amendment to (your trust's name) Revocable Living Trust" across the top of the page. In California, the amendment should refer to the living trust by name and the date it was created.

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Step 3

List the changes you wish to make to the trust on the form. Write the number of the provision in your trust that you want to change along with the text of the provision. State the new provision immediately below. Repeat for each amendment needed.

Step 4

Bring the form to a notary public. Bring valid identification with you. Sign and date the amendment and ask the notary to notarize your signature.

Step 5

Attach the form to the back of the trust agreement.

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How to Amend a Living Trust


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