How to Apply for an LLC in Florida

By Lisa Magloff

A limited liability company is a type of business structure in which the owners -- called members in an LLC -- are not generally held personally liable for any debts or court judgements against the company. Companies apply for LLC status in Florida by submitting a form, called the articles of organization, to the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. There are a number of steps that owners will need to follow to comply with Florida's laws and regulations governing the formation of LLCs.

Step 1

Choose a business name that is different from the names of the other companies already registered in Florida. The name of the LLC must end with the words "limited liability company" or "limited company," or the abbreviations "L.L.C.", "L.C.," "LLC" or "LC".

Step 2

Establish a registered agent who is a Florida resident or a business registered in the state of Florida. The registered agent receives legal and official documents on behalf of the LLC. In Florida, LLCs are not allowed to act as their own registered agents, although a member or employee of the company can act as the registered agent as long as they are resident in Florida. There are also many companies that will provide this service for a fee.

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Step 3

Download the cover letter and the Articles of Organization for Florida Limited Liability Company forms from the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.

Step 4

Complete the articles of organization. You will need to supply the name of the LLC and the address of its principal office, the name and address of the registered agent for the LLC, and the name and address of the manager or managing member. You must also include the date you wish the company to begin its official existence. The form must be signed by at least one member or his authorized representative.

Step 5

Send or deliver the articles of organization, the cover letter and the required fees to the Florida State Department Division of Corporations. As of 2010, the filing fee is $125. If filing online, the fee may be paid by credit card. If delivering the forms in person or by mail, the fee may be paid by check, made payable to the Florida Department of State.

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How to Create & Run an LLC in Florida



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