How to File a DBA in Georgia

By Michelle Kaminsky, J.D.

How to File a DBA in Georgia

By Michelle Kaminsky, J.D.

Filing a DBA (“doing business as") allows a business to operate under a different name from the one under which it was created. Georgia calls a DBA a "trade name," and the process for establishing a DBA in Georgia involves filing the appropriate form and paying a small fee.

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Note that Georgia law requires you to file a trade name within 30 days of the start of business.

Step 1: Determine where to file your DBA application.

In Georgia, you must file a trade name application with the superior court of the county in which your business is located. You can find contact information for the Georgia superior court clerks online. You may be able to download the application, or you may have to pick one up in person.

Step 2: Make sure your name is not already in use in the county.

Every county clerk's office has a searchable trade name book that lists currently registered DBAs. If the trade name you have in mind is already in use, the clerk will reject your application.

Step 3: Complete the application form.

You will need to supply the following information:

  • The company's legal name and address as registered with the Georgia Secretary of State or the local county government
  • The requested trade name
  • The business type
  • Names, addresses, and notarized signatures of the company's owner(s)

Step 4: File the trade name application form and pay the filing fee.

You will have to file your form in the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court, along with a filing fee, which varies by county. Fulton County, for example, charges $162, while DeKalb County has a $161 filing fee and an additional $40 publication fee.

Step 5: Publish notice in the local newspaper.

Georgia law requires that a business filing a DBA run a notice in the newspaper that the county sheriff's office uses for legal advertisements. The notice, which is a published copy of the trade name application form, must run at least once a week for two consecutive weeks.

Newspaper fees vary, and unless the fee was already included, this is another cost to completing your DBA registration in Georgia.

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