How to Get a DBA in Utah

By Stephanie Kurose, J.D.

How to Get a DBA in Utah

By Stephanie Kurose, J.D.

A DBA, or "doing business as," name is a fictitious name that a business can register with the state if it does not want to conduct daily business transactions under its legal name. There are many reasons why a business operates under a DBA name, including brand awareness, increased personal privacy, and increased flexibility.

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In Utah, if a business wants to operate using a DBA, it must register the fictitious name with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. The DBA registration is valid for three years. If the registration is not renewed after three years, the DBA expires.

Follow these steps to register a DBA for a business in Utah.

1. Register your business.

Because a DBA is just a name and not an actual business entity, you must first register your sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, or corporation with the State of Utah. When you register as an LLC or corporation, Utah provides you with a tax employer identification number (EIN) that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses to identify your business moving forward. If you register as a sole proprietorship or partnership, you can elect an EIN or simply use your Social Security number.

2. Check the availability of your desired DBA name.

Before you register a DBA, you want to ensure that the desired name is actually available. To do so, you can search Utah's business name database to see if your desired DBA name is already in use by another business. If it is, you need to come up with a different name. If not, proceed to this next step.

3. Navigate to the Utah Division of Corporations website.

The Utah Division of Corporations website has an online services portal where you can register a DBA electronically. On the main page under Online Services, click on "Register a Doing Business As (DBA)." You need to login and have the following information readily available:

  • The desired DBA name
  • Names and addresses of the business owners and registered agent
  • Location of the business
  • Description of the business's activity
  • Form of payment

4. Fill out the DBA registration form.

Enter the information requested on the DBA registration form. If you are the owner of a sole proprietorship or partnership, you may not have a registered agent. However, if you want to register a DBA, you must designate one. If you are a resident of Utah and your business has a Utah address, you can designate yourself as the registered agent.

5. Submit the registration and pay the filing fees.

Once the DBA registration form is complete, submit the application either electronically or print it out and send it by mail. If you submit it electronically, you can pay using a credit card or an existing subscriber account. If you send the registration form by mail, you may pay with cash or with a check or money order made payable to the "State of Utah."

Once you have submitted your DBA registration, you should expect the State of Utah to confirm receipt. Once the state approves your DBA registration, you can begin conducting business transactions using the DBA.

Follow these steps to register your DBA in the state of Utah, and you can begin doing business in no time.

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