How to Change the Address on a Texas PLLC Incorporation

By Cindy DeRuyter, J.D.

How to Change the Address on a Texas PLLC Incorporation

By Cindy DeRuyter, J.D.

A limited liability company (LLC) is a common type of business entity. Creating an LLC is an alternative to formally incorporating a business. A Texas PLLC is a type of LLC reserved for professional businesses, such as law firms, dentists, veterinarians, and certain medical professionals. When establishing a PLLC in Texas, the organizer must provide a valid registered office address. The company also reports its principal office address to the Comptroller's office for tax purposes.


If the registered office address changes, you can avoid involuntary termination of your business by updating the address with the Texas Secretary of State's office. If your principal office address has changed, update it with the Comptroller's office. Follow these steps to do so.

1. Determine if the new address meets Texas requirements.

Before changing a registered office address for a Texas PLLC, verify that the new address complies with state requirements. For the registered business address, use a valid street address where someone from your organization or an authorized agent is available during regular business hours to accept service of process. A post office box is not acceptable.

Your office's mailing address on file with the Comptroller's office should reflect your PLLC's address for receipt of tax statements and related notices.

2. Obtain and complete the appropriate address change form.

Use a Statement of Change of Registered Office/Agent (Form 401) to change the registered agent and registered office address for service of process. If you only need to change the address, use Change by Registered Agent to Name or Address (Form 408).

Complete the appropriate form, providing the new street address. An authorized representative of your PLLC must sign the form. There is no need to obtain a notary signature or witness signatures on the form.

3. Pay the filing fee.

When using Form 401 or Form 408 to change the registered agent and office address, you must pay a filing fee per business entity.

PLLCs can pay fees using checks or money orders payable to the Texas Secretary of State, LegalEase debit cards, or major credit cards. When paying by credit card, use the Texas Secretary of State's Payment Form (Form 807). Understand that for credit card transactions, the state imposes an additional convenience fee.

4. Submit the completed form and filing fee for processing.

Submit two copies of the completed form along with the filing fee to the Texas Secretary of State's office using one of the following methods (current as of January 2019):

  • By mail: P.O. Box 13697, Austin, TX 78711-3697
  • By fax: (512) 463-5709
  • By hand-delivery: James Earl Rudder Office Building, 1019 Brazos, Austin, TX 78701

When setting up a Texas PLLC, corporation, or other type of business entity, it is helpful to have guidance you can trust. Working with an online service provider can help you start and maintain your business with confidence, knowing your legal documents comply with state law. As an alternative, you may want to consult a Texas-licensed business attorney.

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