Michelle Kaminsky, J.D.

Freelance writer

Freelance writer and editor Michelle Kaminsky, Esq. has been working with LegalZoom since 2004. She earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Temple University's Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which she attended on a Law Faculty Merit Scholarship. At Temple Law, she served as an editor on Law Review, published an award-winning comment on professional responsibility, and also won several awards for academic performance, community service, and writing. She is a cum laude graduate of Duke University with degrees in English and history and a minor in criminology.

Upon graduation from law school, Kaminsky served a two-year appellate clerkship with Justice Frank J. Montemuro, Jr. of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. During law school, she worked as a research assistant, writer for The Legal Intelligencer Suburban Edition, and also as a summer associate with Philadelphia law firm Manta & Welge. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.

Kaminsky is the author of Serial Killer Trivia: Fascinating Facts and Disturbing Details That Will Freak You the F*ck Out, to be published by Ulysses Press in 2019. Additional writing credits include Roads & Kingdoms, Broadly, Ravishly, Fodor's, and Frommer's, among others. You can find her on social media @michkaminsky pretty much everywhere and at MichelleKaminsky.com.

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