Can You Share Custody Without Child Support?

By Beverly Bird

Child support pays for the roof over your children's heads, the clothing they wear, the food they eat, and the heat that keeps them warm at night. If you're asking the court for shared or joint physical custody as part of your divorce, you and your spouse will each have your children roughly 50 percent of the time, and you'll provide directly for these costs when they're in your care. Often -- but not always, this eliminates the child support provisions in your decree.

Why Child Support May Be Necessary

Child support depends on both the costs of providing for your children, and the income that you and your spouse have available with which to meet their needs. If you and your spouse share physical custody, you'll each maintain a residence for your children, and you'll each pay for their needs directly on a roughly equal basis. Therefore, if you earn about the same, neither of you should owe child support to the other. If one of you earns significantly more, however, the parent with the greater income may have to pay child support to the other so that your children enjoy the same standard of living in both homes.

The Effect of Legal Custody

There are two types of custody – legal and physical. Physical custody relates to where the kids live, and legal custody involves which parent makes primary decisions regarding child-rearing and care. Joint legal custody is common, and it has no effect on child support because making decisions for your children doesn't incur costs.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Why Does a Parent That Doesn't Have Custody Have to Pay Child Support?


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When it comes to child support, there's an easy way to calculate it and a difficult way. Three methods exist and most states elect to use one – the income shares model, which is the difficult method. Arkansas uses the percentage of paying spouse's income model instead. This makes it comparatively simple to estimate how much child support you'll have to pay if you're facing divorce.

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Even more than pensions and other retirement accounts, a couple’s home is usually the most significant and expensive item they acquire together. You might own your home free and clear, but more likely, it has a mortgage against it, and this further complicates the situation. Now the home is not just an asset -- it qualifies as a debt as well. Divorce requires addressing both assets and debts.

Ideas for Sharing Custody

A shared parenting plan post-divorce or after parents break up might be the kindest gift they can give their children, according to “Parents” magazine. The custody laws in all states, which stress that children should have frequent and loving contact with both parents, are in line with this same principle. “Parents” magazine indicates that children who enjoy this contact after their parents part ways are better adjusted and have fewer socialization, school and behavioral problems. But shared custody requires the dedication of both parents to make it work.

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