How to Get a Certified Divorce Judgment

By Teo Spengler

Getting a divorce can be painful and difficult; getting a certified divorce judgment is a piece of cake. A certified divorce judgment is simply a copy of the official document that the court clerk marks with a seal to indicate its authenticity. The procedures vary slightly among jurisdictions but generally involve making the request and paying a fee.

Divorce Judgments

A divorce judgment is a court document, signed by the judge, declaring your marriage dissolved. The document generally also sets out the resolution of property division, support and child custody issues. A copy is mailed to each spouse at the close of a divorce.

Certified Copies

If you need to establish the existence or terms of your divorce to third parties, you may need a certified copy of the divorce decree or judgment. Generally, this is a copy stamped or marked by the court clerk to indicate that it is a true and correct copy of the document in the court files.

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Procedure to Obtain Certified Copies

You can obtain a certified copy of the actual divorce judgment from the court that issued it. You must prepare a request in the form required in the jurisdiction and pay the required fee. In some states, you can obtain abbreviated divorce records, containing only the names of the spouses, court involved and case number, from the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
What Is an Exemplification of Divorce?


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Each state has unique laws regarding divorce and family law matters, so the actual process of preparing and filing divorce documents is determined by state civil procedure laws and local court rules. The term "divorce documents" may include the petition or complaint for divorce, motions for support and custody, stipulated property divisions, and final settlements and decrees. In general, divorce documents are commonly referred to as “pleadings” or “court filings."

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The term "entry of judgment" refers to a court order being entered after the judge rules on a case. In a divorce case, the judge orders a dissolution of the marriage, property division, child custody and support, visitation schedules, spousal support, attorney's fees and any other pertinent issues. The court order contains the judge's ruling on each issue. The attorney or self-represented party submits the judgment and supporting documents to the court clerk to enter. The court clerk enters this court order as a judgment.

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