How to Change a Business Address for an LLC

By Anna Assad

You must change your limited liability company's business address if your main office is moving or otherwise unavailable. Official state paperwork and legal notices are sent to your LLC's registered address and if the address is wrong, you may not get important papers on time. Missing required state filing deadlines can result in penalties and the loss of your business license, and a delay in responding to legal notices may harm your company.

Filing Online

Step 1

Locate the formation documents for the LLC (such as the articles of organization), tax paperwork showing the company's EIN (if the LLC has a federal tax identification number) and any business license the company has.

Step 2

Visit the official website of each relevant state department to check if the name change process is available online. You must change the address in the state your LLC was formed in and any other state your company is authorized to do business in.

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Step 3

Complete the online process. Have your formation, tax and license paperwork on hand to verify requested information. The exact information needed to complete the form varies by state, but generally includes your full business name, the old principal office address, the name and address of your registration license, the identification number on any business licenses the LLC has and the LLC's EIN, if any. Complete all online steps; verify you have inserted the new address correctly before submitting an online form.

Step 4

Pay the filing fee shown online. Use a credit or debit card. Fees vary by area, but average from $30 to $50 as of 2010.

Step 5

Submit your address change online. Print the confirmation for your records.

Filing By Mail

Step 1

Gather the LLC's formation, tax and license papers. Use the documents as reference when filing out the business address form to avoid mistakes.

Step 2

Contact the state department that the LLC's formation paperwork was filed in and any other business department in states where your LLC is authorized to do business. Ask what form is required to change the LLC's address. The exact form varies by state. Visit each state department's official website to check if you can download and print the necessary form.

Step 3

Fill out the paper form(s) completely and sign and date the document. Verify the information before inserting the documents into an envelope; double-check the new address. The information requested on the form varies by area, but typically includes the LLC's name, name and address of the registered agent and the old address of the main company office.

Step 4

Pay the filing fee shown in the form's instructions. Fill out a check or money order for a mail-in form. Make your payment method payable to the entity listed on the form's instructions. Fees vary by state, but typically range from $30 to $50 as of 2010.

Step 5

Mail the paper form to the address shown in the instructions. Include your payment method and any other requested documents. Make a copy for your records prior to mailing.

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