How to Change a Middle Name on an Alabama Birth Certificate

By David Carnes

A birth certificate is a fundamental identification document, and the name on a birth certificate normally reflects the baby's original legal name. If you wish to change the middle name on the birth certificate of a registrant born in Alabama, you must have the original birth certificate amended. You may need a court order.

Step 1

Download and print an "Application to Change an Alabama Birth or Death Certificate" form from the website of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Step 2

Supply the registrant's full name at birth, date of birth, county of birth, hospital of birth, father's full name and mother's full maiden name in the section of the application entitled "Birth."

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Step 3

State that you wish to change the registrant's middle name in answer to the question "What changes are you requesting?" Include the registrant's new middle name. If the original middle name was listed on the birth certificate by mistake, note this in your statement.

Step 4

Print your name and supply your mailing address in the Applicant Section at the bottom of the application. State your relationship to the registrant. Your application will be denied unless you are the registrant and at least 19, a parent or guardian of the registrant, or have otherwise been granted legal custody of the registrant. If you wish to authorize someone else to pick up the new birth certificate, list his name. Print your name and sign the application.

Step 5

Prepare a certified check or money order in the amount of the appropriate application fee and payable to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Step 6

Obtain a copy of a court-ordered name change if the registrant's middle name has already been changed by court order. You must have a court order to change the middle name on the birth certificate of any registrant who has reached his first birthday.

Step 7

Mail the application, court order, if applicable, and check or money order to the Alabama Department of Public Health, Center for Health Statistics, P.O. Box 5625, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625. If the name change is approved, Alabama will mail a certified copy of the new birth certificate to the mailing address you supplied. The birth certificate will be marked "Amended."

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