How to Change a Name After Marriage in Maine

By A.L. Kennedy

Changing your last name at marriage is a time-honored tradition for women in Maine and other U.S. states. Changing your name after marriage in Maine is a two-step process. It requires filing forms with both the U.S. Social Security Administration and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles to ensure that both your federal Social Security information and your state driver's license display your new name.

Step 1

File a name change request with the U.S. Social Security Administration, or SSA. The SSA has branch offices throughout Maine. The application for a Social Security card showing your new name is available at or at a SSA branch office. You will need to present the completed form, your marriage certificate, and a photo ID to the SSA office for a new Social Security card. Cards are typically issued within two to four weeks after the application is turned in, according to the Social Security Administration.

Step 2

Visit a branch of the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles to update your driver's license and vehicle registration. The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles will need a copy of your marriage certificate and its name change form, which is available at any Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch office. You will also need your current driver's license or other photo identification. If you are married out of state and wish to submit the name change paperwork before you return, you may send a copy of your marriage certificate and a notarized letter stating your former name and your new married name to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Your updated driver's license and registration will arrive in the mail approximately two weeks after the name change paperwork is submitted, according to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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Step 3

Update your information with your employer and any insurance company with which you have a policy. Your employer will need your updated Social Security card showing your new married name, and you may need to fill out another federal form I-9 or other tax withholding paperwork showing your married name. Insurance companies may also need a copy of your Social Security card or other identification showing your married name, as well as a copy of your marriage certificate, in order to update your insurance policies.

Step 4

Change your name on your bank accounts and utilities accounts, if these are in your name. These changes can often be made over the phone, and the documentation required will depend on the bank's or the utility company's requirements. While these changes are useful to ensure there is no confusion over your banking transactions or your bills, they can be postponed until you have changed your name on your Social Security card and your Maine driver's license and vehicle registration.

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