How to Change a Name on a Texas Driver's License

By Beverly Bird

You’re not stuck with the name your parents gave you. You might change your surname because you got married or change your whole name through a court proceeding because you never like it. In Texas, you can simply begin using your new married name, and that’s legal, but you still must update your driver’s license. All other name changes require a court order first.

Step 1

Collect the proper documents required by the Texas Department of Public Safety to change your license. If you got married, this is your marriage license. If you were divorced, you’ll need a copy of your divorce decree allowing you to resume use of your old name. If you changed your name legally through the court system, the DPS requires a copy of the court order. You’ll also need your current driver’s license bearing your old name.

Step 2

Take your documentation to the nearest driver's license office. Although Texas allows you to change the address on your license online, you must appear in person for a name change. You must do this within 30 days of the event that changed your name. Apply for a new license and pay the fee.

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Step 3

Destroy your old driver’s license bearing your former name. It’s illegal in Texas to have more than one current driver’s license. You can also turn it in to the DPS at the time you get your new license.

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