How do I Change a Quit Claim Deed in New Hampshire After a Divorce is Final?

By Jennifer Williams

A quitclaim deed conveys title to New Hampshire real estate without the guarantees typically included in a warranty deed. Quitclaim deeds are often used to convey real estate between family members or in a New Hampshire divorce when one spouse relinquishes title to the other as part of a marital property settlement. Quitclaim deeds are fairly simple, but mistakes happen. A quitclaim deed may be changed or corrected in New Hampshire by executing a new, corrected deed.

Step 1

Identity the mistakes in the original quitclaim deed. Section 477.28 of New Hampshire's Revised Statutes sets out the required form of a quitclaim deed. Compare your deed with the statutory requirements and identify any and all areas where required information is omitted or incomplete.

Step 2

Obtain a blank corrected quitclaim deed form from your county recorder's office or an online legal document provider. If a corrected form is not available, obtain or download a regular New Hampshire quitclaim deed form and re-title it "Corrected Quit Claim Deed."

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Step 3

Fill out the corrected quitclaim deed properly. Provide a statement at the bottom of the deed expressly stating what was changed between the original and corrected deed. Execute the deed as required by law, signing it before a notary and having it notarized. Obtain the property recipient's signature before a notary, if it is also required.

Step 4

File the corrected quitclaim deed with your county recorder's office in the county where the property is located. Provide file stamped copies to your mortgage company and anyone with a legal interest in the deed, such as the person to whom you conveyed the original deed.

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