How to Choose an LLC Name

By Anna Assad

A limited liability company is a business organization type that has the features of both a partnership and a corporation. The name of your LLC is the primary method of identification of your business to your customers. The laws in the state in which you are forming your LLC may restrict the use of certain words in your company's name, like "bank" or "corporation." The name must also indicate that the company is an LLC by placing the designation "LLC," "L.L.C.," "LC," "Limited Liability Company," "Limited Company," "Ltd. Liability Co.," or some other abbreviation at the end of the name.

Step 1

Write down a list of names that represent your LLC's primary area of business. Include your name or other words you wish to include in the name, but evaluate your choices carefully. A name that indicates your business purpose may attract more customers. Consider a name that is easy for your customers to pronounce and remember.

Step 2

Talk to the other organizing owner, who are known as members, of the LLC if you are not the sole member. Add the names suggested by the other members to your list. Hold a vote or reach an agreement with the other members to shorten your list of possible names. Eliminate the least popular candidates, but try to leave at least five names on the list.

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Step 3

Check the laws of the state in which you are forming the LLC. Add the state-approved designation you prefer to the LLC's name.

Step 4

Contact the secretary of state in the state in which you are forming the LLC. Request information about searching the database for a list of business names currently in use. Search the database or records for the names remaining on your list. Remove any names from your list being used by another business. Consider removing names that are very similar to another business to avoid confusion with your LLC.

Step 5

Select the name left on your list you prefer. Speak to the other LLC members if you have more than one option left and are unsure about which name to use.

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How to Pick an LLC Name

The laws of every state allow for the creation of business associations. A popular choice of business association among small business owners is the limited liability corporation, or LLC. An LLC provides the protections of limited liability for investors and pass-through taxation, and the annual filing requirements are not as difficult to comply with as those for a corporation. All states require you to choose a name for your LLC. However, each state has different rules governing what name you can give to your LLC.

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