How Do I Get a Copy of a Divorce Decree That Is Twenty Years Old?

By Brenna Davis

A divorce decree declares a divorce finalized and provides the terms of the divorce. It may contain information about child support payments, alimony and division of property. Your divorce decree may be necessary to prove that you have a legal right to a certain piece of property; to use as evidence in a petition to change back to your maiden name or if you wish to get remarried. State laws vary regarding how long these records must be kept by attorneys, but if your case was handled by an attorney, this may be the easiest starting point for obtaining your decree.

Step 1

Contact the attorney who handled your divorce to see if she has a copy of the decree. If your attorney is deceased or retired, she may have given her records to another lawyer in the practice. If so, contact that attorney to see if he has your records.

Step 2

Ask the clerk of court in the county in which the divorce was filed about the procedure to obtain a copy of your divorce decree. Some counties require photo identification and proof of your current address. You may need to pay a record search or copying fee. Some counties require you to fill out an application for the decree. Many states move divorce and other legal records to the court's archives after several years, so if the clerk does not have access to your decree, ask who you can contact in the archives division. You might be able to access the records more quickly or at a reduced rate if you have the case number.

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Step 3

Write to the person in charge of the court's archives to obtain a copy of your divorce decree. In most states, divorce decrees are covered under open records laws and the state must provide you with this information within a few days. For this reason, your request should be in writing and sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. If you are seeking the divorce record for a divorce to which you were not a party, this is typically the easiest way to obtain records.

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The city of Conroe, Texas is located in Montgomery County. There are two types of divorce records for divorce proceedings that occur in Montgomery County: a divorce decree and a divorce certificate. A divorce decree is a legal instrument prepared by the Montgomery County District Court which finalizes and sets forth the terms and conditions of the divorce, including division of marital property, child custody, child support and alimony. A Montgomery County divorce decree cannot be obtained online. A divorce certificate, also called a divorce verification letter, is a document issued by the Texas State Department of Health which states whether or not a divorce has been recorded with the State of Texas since 1968 and if so, provides the names of the husband and wife, date and place the divorce was finalized. A Montgomery County divorce certificate can be obtained online.

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A divorce decree is a document prepared by the court that specifies the terms and conditions of the divorce. Typically, it is kept on file at the Office of the County Clerk in the county where the divorce proceedings occurred. It is important to have a copy of your divorce decree as it is the formal legal document that declares your divorce finalized and, where appropriate, contains the court’s determinations as to division of marital property, child support and visitation, and spousal support. You need a copy of your divorce decree to remarry, obtain a legal name change, or remove a former spouse’s name from any joint loans or bank accounts.

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