What Does it Cost to Form a Delaware LLC?

By Lauren Miller

Delaware’s favorable legal environment for companies makes it an attractive place for businesses to register in. Limited liability companies, or LLCs, formed in the state pay fees ranging from basic filing to licensing fees. The complete schedule of fees for registering a business entity in Delaware is available online at the state’s Division of Corporations website. All fees cited are valid as of December 2010.

Name Fees

Reserving a name before you file your LLC papers in Delaware is not a requirement. However, it does protect the name from being used by someone else before you business is registered. The state allows you to reserve a name for 120 days for a fee of $75. The reservation can be completed online, or by mail or fax (see Resources). If you change the name of your LLC, you must pay the state $200.

Certificate of Formation Fees

The primary document required to create an LLC in Delaware is the Certificate of Formation. The fee for submitting this form to the state is $90, plus an optional $50 to have your application processed within 24 hours. For same-day processing, the fee is $100. If you need to make an amendment to your certificate, you must pay $200. If you made a mistake on your form, it costs $200 to correct it. If you are converting a domestic or non-Delaware entity to an LLC, the minimum fee is $200. This does not include the fee for the Certificate of Formation. If you are reviving a domestic LLC, the fee is $200 as well. The fee for these services that do not include the certificate filing is $200 for same-day processing and $100 for 24-hour service. The state offers one-hour service at a cost of $1,000 per document for all LLC documents. The two-hour service fee is $500 per document.

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Certified Copy Fees

There is a $50 fee to receive one certified copy of the majority of documents filed with the Division of Corporations. Certified copies of trademark and dispute resolution documents cost $20.

Combined Registration Application Fee

The Delaware Division of Revenue requires that all business entities within the state complete the Combined Registration Application, or CRA, if they have employees. This form includes all necessary information businesses need to be registered with the Delaware Division of Revenue, the Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance and the Delaware Office of Workers Compensation. The form can be completed online or downloaded from the state’s website. It includes all fee schedules for each type of business entity. Fees range from $75 to $100,000 depending on industry type. Failure to apply for required business license results in a fine of $200.

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How Much Does It Cost to Form an LLC?


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