How to Decline Being a Will Executor After a Death

By Anna Assad

An executor oversees the estate of a deceased person and handles her final financial affairs. Acting as an executor involves a myriad of duties, including preparing a thorough inventory of assets, paying final debts and taxes, and transferring shares of the estate to the recipients listed in the will. The executor is granted authority through probate, the proceedings used to validate the will. However, you can file in court to be relieved of the obligations of an estate executor.

Step 1

Inform the heirs to the estate you do not want to be executor. The family must find another person to oversee the estate.

Step 2

Visit the probate court where the proceedings are taking place. Request a Renunciation of Executor form.

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Step 3

Complete the form. The exact format varies by area, but the form generally requests the city or town the person died in, date of death, date of will and your name.

Step 4

Sign and date the form in front of a notary public.

Step 5

File the document in probate court. You are released from the obligation once the court approves the filing.

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How to Resign as Executor of a Will in Texas


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An executor is the individual who oversees and settles the estate of a deceased person. The will of the deceased person names the executor, who may be an heir, family member, attorney or any other person selected by the deceased person. The executor is granted legal authority during probate, the legal proceeding used to validate a will.

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You may renounce an estate by completing and filling a renunciation form in the probate court handling the estate proceedings. Once you renounce your interest in the estate, you don't have any legal right to, or responsibility for, the inheritance you were left. An heir may renounce an estate for various reasons, including to avoid inheritance tax consequences or to decline ownership of property that is carrying debt. You must renounce the estate before you take legal possession of your inherited property.

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