How do I Determine Who Is an Officer or Principal of a Corporation or LLC?

By Brian Richards

Limited liability companies and corporations must register in every state in which they conduct business. Companies usually register with the state’s secretary of state, and an agency within the secretary’s office usually maintains the records. Many states also keep registrations in a specialized corporations division. Looking up a business record in the secretary of state’s database will reveal the contact information for the LLC’s or corporation’s registered agent, from whom you can obtain the information you need.

Step 1

Access your state’s secretary of state' website. Alternately, access your state's corporation division's website.

Step 2

Find a link that will allow you to perform a business lookup. Most states maintain an online searchable database of all businesses registered in the state. If you cannot find a link, contact the secretary of state's office for assistance.

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Step 3

Enter the exact name of the business you are looking for in the search box. Include any applicable suffixes, such as “limited liability company” or “incorporated.”

Step 4

Locate the name of the business in the search results. Click on its name to view the full information the state has on the company.

Step 5

Locate the name and contact information of the LLC's or corporation’s registered agent. This is the individual who is the company's contact for any official matters.

Step 6

Contact the company’s registered agent to find out the business’s officer or principal. The registered agent may not be the top officer, and may even not be an employee of the company. However, he will have the names and contact information of the chief members of the business.

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