What Is the Difference Between a Divorce Lawyer & a Family Lawyer?

By Teo Spengler

The terms divorce law and family law are sometimes used interchangeably, but they should not be. Divorce law is only one of a myriad issues involved in family law. An attorney specializing in family law matters can handle a divorce, but a divorce attorney may not have the expertise to represent you in other family law matters.

Family Law

When divorce looms on your horizon, it seems to eclipse all other possible issues. But many other problems can arise for families that require court intervention. Family law includes most of them, like adoption, paternity determinations, name changes, juvenile delinquency, child abuse and child emancipation.

Choosing An Attorney

If you need an attorney for a family law matter, select an expert in your problem area. If divorce is the issue, be sure your attorney specializes in divorce. Lawyers specializing in family law may be experts in divorce as well as other family law issues. It is also worth your time to see whether the matter is one you can handle yourself, with assistance from your court's self-help program or from a reputable online legal service provider.

Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
Divorce is never easy, but we can help. Learn More
How Long Does Divorce Take in Michigan if You Have No Children?



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Do Both Parties Have to Have an Attorney in a Divorce?

The law does not require you and your spouse to hire separate lawyers for a divorce. You can fill out your own paperwork and represent yourself, or you can save time and attorney's fees by having an online legal document service fill out and file your paperwork for you. Parties generally do have separate attorneys in complicated or contested divorces in which they cannot agree on major issues to ensure the adequate protection of their own interests.

When Does a Divorce Become Final in Arizona?

Once you decide to file for divorce in Arizona, the amount of time the process takes depends heavily on whether your spouse decides to fight the divorce or any issues involving property and custody. The divorce process is much easier and quicker if it is uncontested and can be completed in as few as 60 days, but contested divorces may take much longer.

How to Get a Wife to Sign Final Divorce Papers

You do not require your wife's signature to finalize a divorce; the only signature you need on the final divorce document is the judge's. Compared to yesteryear, divorces are easy to come by in modern America, with all 50 states offering no-fault divorce that does not require spousal agreement or proof of bad conduct.

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